What’s The Best Pick: SUV or Sedan?

Both sedans and SUVs have become extremely popular with drivers all across the country. However, finding the right car based on your requirements is crucial. Learn all about how a sedan and an SUV may fit your budget and needs with this comprehensive sedan v/s SUV comparison guide.


As sedans are the typical image associated with the word ‘car’, they’ve always been incredibly popular. But over the years, the popularity of SUVs has also grown quite a bit. 

SUVs are becoming so popular that even the big and popular Detroit automakers are investing more in the production of SUVs. Some of them are only focusing on SUVs and crossovers as the central aspect of their branding and ridding their lineups of sedans. 

When deciding which class of car fits your needs the best, keep the following points in mind:

Advantages of Sedans

Safety: Compared to SUVs, sedans are a safer option. While some SUVs are adopting the safety features that were earlier restricted to sedans, sedans still have the upper hand thanks to their closed trunks. It is safer to store your valuables in closed trunks rather than in the back of an SUV, due to both security and visibility.

Fuel economy: Sedans still reign supreme when it comes to fuel economy, even though low gas prices have put SUVs in the spotlight. Most sedans come with a four-cylinder, which is much more efficient than the V-8 or V-6 of an SUV. Some powerful sedans also feature V-6 engines, and on average, these are more fuel-efficient because of the smaller size of the cars these engines have to power. 

Drivability: Sedans are much easier to drive since they aren’t top-heavy. Parking is much easier and maneuvering through sharp corners has a lesser chance of rollover. 

Budget: Compared to SUVs, sedans are much more affordable. If you opt for a sedan, fuel isn’t the only thing you will be saving. 

Advantages of SUVs

Space: The sheer amount of space is one of the most prominent advantages of an SUV. you’ll have the necessary square footage, whether you’re looking to carry extra cargo or extra passengers. This implies that there is more room for passengers to relax and stretch out on long drives. Even when you’re looking at compact models, the cargo capacity of an SUV is particularly impressive. 

Capability: When compared to sedans, SUVs are generally more capable. While many new sedans don’t offer all-wheel drive, it is fairly standard among modern SUV lineups. If you spend a lot of time on the road during severe weather conditions, an SUV might be a better choice since it is better equipped to handle hazardous conditions. 

Visibility: You can enjoy a higher driving position when you’re behind the wheel of an SUV. This gives the driver greater visibility, and the back windshield and larger surrounding windows only enhance the visibility.