Do You Own a Small Business? You Need THIS

Whether it’s time tracking, creating effective work schedules, boosting engagement, managing payroll, communication, or filing reports, business owners juggle different roles at any given time. Listed below are some business tools that can help you manage these different roles easily:


When you have many remote employees, this is a great tool for you. Apart from being easy to use, Connecteam makes it easy for managers to enhance engagement, track work hours and payroll process, offer feedback, remain transparent, share intuitive schedules, and unite all workplace collaboration and communication. 

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

When it comes to sharing and collaborating on files, Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets are good options. The files are stored in your Google Drive, which makes it convenient to access from anywhere. Using these free tools is a great way to avoid endless emails when collaborating on various documents. 

Hubspot CRM

This is a free CRM solution that offers automation features that can help track customer interactions. You can also get a good overview of your sales to funnel at any given time by creating and following sales-related tasks. 


This easy-to-use team collaboration and project management software is another great choice for small businesses. It replaces the multiple tools required for collaboration, communication, task management, reporting, file sharing, and time tracking with an all-in-one software tool. 


Combining sales process data from different channels (inside sales, PoS, and online) can be one of the biggest challenges with managing sales processes. Sellsy combines this data with contact marketing and client relations, as well as time-tracking and inventory management. 


This is a free open-source ERP solution with an integrated CRM system, which is ideal for companies that produce products rather than offer services. This tool can easily manage the path from product manufacturing to sitting in the hands-on of your customers, which can otherwise be complex.