Follow These Easy Tips to Look After Your Hearing Aid Devices

Your hearing aids provide you with the hearing quality you’ve always wanted. On the rare occasion when your devices malfunction, it can be a difficult few days or weeks while you wait for it to get repaired. 

With the help of some preventative measures, you can reduce the chances of the devices malfunctioning and extend their life. 

Follow these helpful tips mentioned below to make sure that you get the most out of your devices:

Avoid Moisture and Store in A Dry Place

In a tiny shell, your hearing aids contain some very sophisticated circuitry and technology. It can be damaged when exposed to moisture. Even though hearing aids are made to be water-resistant, it is advised that you still remove them when swimming or showering. But if they do come in contact with moisture or water, immediately dry them with a towel. 

Since high heat can cause damage, never try to dry your hearing aid with a hairdryer or any heated device. 

Consider storing your devices in a specialized hearing aid dehumidifier if you live in a humid area. 

Change Hearing Aid Batteries Frequently

If left in for a long time, batteries can cause damage to your hearing aid devices. The moisture trapped can damage the devices by causing the batteries to corrode. When the devices aren’t in use, keep the battery door open. However, if you decide not to use your hearing aid for a few days, it is recommended that you remove the batteries temporarily.

When you change the batteries, ensure that you clean the battery contacts in your devices. If the battery contacts are dirty, it can create lower performance and a poor connection.

Ensure that The Devices Are Free of Earwax

One of the leading causes of decreased performance in hearing aids is earwax. While it’s impossible to avoid earwax from coming in contact with your devices, you can clean them regularly. 

Every day after taking off your hearing aids, take a soft toothbrush or a dry cotton swab and gently remove any debris or earwax that may have accumulated on the device. Clean both the microphone and receiver.