Symptoms of Cancer You Cannot Avoid

Symptoms and signs of cancer depend on how big the cancer is, where it is, and how much it affects the tissues or organs nearby. If cancer has metastasized or spread, these symptoms may appear in various parts of the body. o

Cancer can begin to push on or grow into nearby nerves, organs, and blood vessels. This pressure causes some of the symptoms of cancer including weight loss, fatigue (extreme tiredness), or fever. This could be because the cancer cells are using up a lot of the body’s energy supply, or cancer may release substances into the body that change the way it makes energy. Cancer can also have an impact on the immune system, and cause it to produce cancer symptoms. 

Some of the common signs and symptoms of cancer that you should not avoid are as follows:

– Lumps or swelling anywhere in the body

– Extreme tiredness or fatigue that doesn’t go away even with rest

– Pain, especially with no known or new reason, that gets worse or doesn’t go away

– Weight gain or loss of 10 pounds or more for unknown reasons

– Headaches

– Not feeling hungry, belly pain, nausea, vomiting, trouble swallowing, and other such eating problems

– Hearing or vision problems

– Night sweats or fever

– Skin changes like a lump that turns scaly or bleeds, a change in a mole or a new mole, a yellowish color to the eyes or skin (jaundice), or a sore that does not heal

– Changes in how your stools look or a change in bowel habits like diarrhea or constipation 

– Unusual bruising or bleeding for no reason known

– Mouth changes like bleeding, numbness, pain, or sores

– Hoarseness or cough that doesn’t go away

– Bladder changes like pain when passing urine, needing to pass urine less or more often, or blood in the urine

If you notice any major changes in how you feel or in the way your body works, consult your doctor immediately. Even if it isn’t cancer, the doctor can find out what’s going on and treat it, if needed.